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12-27-09 Having a Fruitful New Year
12-20-09 Fear Not, Its Christmas
12-13-09 Purity in Marriage
12-06-09 Marriage Gods Idea, Gos Plan Part 2
11-08-09 Always Lusting For More
11-01-09 Get off the fence
10-25-09 Help For The Discouraged Heart
10-18-09 Pray for rain grab your umbrella
10-11-09 An In Your Face Challenge
10-04-09 Faith that is above and Beyond
09-27-09 Who is this Guy
09-20-09 Divine Injection
09-13-09 Relationship Responsibility and Character
09-06-09 Six Signs of Jesus Return
08-30-09 A Striking Family Resemblance
08-23-09 Dead Men Walking
08-16-09 Finding Balance
08-09-09 Spiritual Loopholes
08-02-09 Misplaced Zeal
07-19-09 Defining True Greatness
07-12-09 Do As I Say Not As I Do
06-28-09 Who is This Jesus
06-14-09 Is There Life After Death
06-07-09 God and Government
05-31-09 Valuable Truth in Unlikely Places
05-24-09 The King's Feast
05-17-09 Parable Of The Tenants
05-10-09 A Tale of Two Sons
05-03-09 Worthless Pretty Leaves
04-26-09 Too Busy for God (Jim Duran) 01
04-19-09 5 Temples and a House of Prayer 01
04-12-09 Approaching the Resurrection
04-10-09 Good Friday Service
04-05-09 Approaching Jerusalem
03-29-09Approaching Easter
03-23-14 True Spirituality Moses Journey
03-23-14 The Story Chapter 4
03-22-09 Check Your Baggage (Rick Romero)
03-15-09 Eat Your Strawberry (Adam Haley)
03-08-09 The Danger of Doing Nothing (Rick Romero)
03-01-09 Surviving the Shipwrecks of Life (Rick Romero)
02-22-09 Code Red (Adam Haley)
02-01-09 Questions Challenges and Possibilities
01-25-09 No More Keeping Score
01-18-09 Like the Hatfields and McCoys

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